Compañera (#0)

CompaneraCover1125x703All the good men are married—or they have fangs.

Marginalized young women have a tendency to disappear in New Mexico. PCT Bounty hunter Dakota del Toro knows the local vampire coven and their pet werewolves are to blame, but the badge she carries means she requires pesky things like admissible evidence and warrants to act—however when a bereaved mother comes to Dakota for help in recovering her daughter from the Lobos Diablos gang this bounty hunter will risk her career, her freedom, and her very life to bring Pilar Guzmán home.

Diego de Gama seems too good to be true—a handsome, wealthy, gallery owner who can dance and behave like a gentleman? What century is he from, anyway? On a night out on the town with the girls Dakota thinks she’s found a keeper, but Diego has a secret that could turn the archaic power structure of Santa Fe’s vampires on its head. However, he knows he can’t do it alone—and who would make a better compañera than the Cazadora herself? If only he could stop kissing her long enough to ask her…

Find out how it all began in this short prequel to Cazadora, the very beginning of the Dakota del Toro series! Get your copies here:


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Cazadora (#1)

NEWCazadoraCoverAn enemy thought vanquished is back from the dead…

Bounty hunter Dakota del Toro always gets her werewolf. When she’s almost fired from the Preternatural Control Team for bringing in a mark who tests to be human she knows something is rotten in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her 1965 Beetle is stolen, and a werewolf ransacks her house looking for drugs she doesn’t have. Determined to get to the bottom of it, Dakota enlists the help of Diego de Gama, all-too-handsome gallery owner and vampire revolutionary—who may or may not have designs on her immortal soul.

Somehow, the disappearance of a teenage narco princess seems to tie in to it all. Hot on the trail, Dakota is led into the mysterious world of Changelings, a counterculture who likes to pretend they are were-creatures. It’s all fun and games until someone loses their heart—pulled still beating from their chest. The heat turns up at a Halloween masquerade at Kama Luna, a nightclub for the things that go bump in the night. Ready to face a wicked witch of the Amazon and her whip-wielding consort, Dakota ties on her mask and straps on her guns. She’ll show these beasties how she earned the name la Cazadora, or die trying…

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Cheaper than Amazon! Paperback copy of Cazadora signed by the author. For personalized messages please specify at checkout. Price includes domestic shipping in the USA. For international shipping please see link below.


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The Fiercest Star (#2)

Revolution is coming…

Look for it July 2019!


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