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Compañera (#0)


All the good men are married—or they have fangs.

Marginalized young women have a tendency to disappear in New Mexico. PCT Bounty hunter Dakota del Toro knows the local vampire coven and their pet werewolves are to blame, but the badge she carries means she requires pesky things like admissible evidence and warrants to act—however when a bereaved mother comes to Dakota for help in recovering her daughter from the Lobos Diablos gang this bounty hunter will risk her career, her freedom, and her very life to bring Pilar Guzmán home.

Diego de Gama seems too good to be true—a handsome, wealthy, gallery owner who can dance and behave like a gentleman? What century is he from, anyway? On a night out on the town with the girls Dakota thinks she’s found a keeper, but Diego has a secret that could turn the archaic power structure of Santa Fe’s vampires on its head. However, he knows he can’t do it alone—and who would make a better compañera than the Cazadora herself? If only he could stop kissing her long enough to ask her…

Find out how it all began in this short prequel to Cazadora, the very beginning of the Dakota del Toro series!

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Bring Them Home – A Dakota del Toro Novella (#0.5)


When women go missing in New Mexico, bounty hunter Dakota del Toro knows exactly where to find them.

The hard part is taking them back.

The powerful vampire alcaldes and the werewolf gang los Lobos Diablos don’t relinquish their captives easily, but when a chance encounter with an irascible bandido turned revolucionario affords an opportunity, Dakota will risk life and limb to bring the missing home—even if it means working with the vampire who broke her heart, and might have designs on her immortal soul.

**This 18+ novella can be read as a standalone, but is #0.5 in the Dakota del Toro series, fitting between the events of #0 Compañera and #1 Cazadora.

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Cazadora (#1)


An old enemy returns…

Bounty hunter Dakota del Toro always gets her werewolf. When she’s almost fired from the Preternatural Control Team for bringing in a mark who tests to be human she knows something is rotten in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her 1965 Beetle is stolen, and a werewolf ransacks her house looking for drugs she doesn’t have. Determined to get to the bottom of it, Dakota enlists the help of Diego de Gama, all-too-handsome gallery owner and vampire revolutionary—who may or may not have designs on her immortal soul.

Somehow, the disappearance of a teenage narco princess seems to tie in to it all. Hot on the trail, Dakota is led into the mysterious world of Changelings, a counterculture who likes to pretend they are were-creatures. It’s all fun and games until someone loses their heart—pulled still beating from their chest. The heat turns up at a Halloween masquerade at Kama Luna, a nightclub for the things that go bump in the night. Ready to face a wicked witch of the Amazon and her whip-wielding consort, Dakota ties on her mask and straps on her guns. She’ll show these beasties how she earned the name la Cazadora, or die trying…

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The Fiercest Star (#2)


A dance with the devil…

Dakota and Diego’s do-over first date is going so well—until the alcalde himself crashes the party with veiled threats and the suggestion that Dakota will make an excellent addition to his harem of stolen women. Dakota promises to see Don Federico dead first, and Diego knows that he and his coven of rebel vampires must strike soon or risk losing everything they’ve worked for.

A fight to the death…

When a distraught wife comes to Dakota for help in finding her missing husband the bounty hunter takes the case. Luis Peña is a diagnosed werewolf and he’s disappeared without taking his Lycanthropene pills. A seemingly routine checkup leads Dakota into the underground world of a shifter fighting ring. Digging a little too deep backfires as usual, and Dakota finds herself on the wrong side of the ropes.

A war for the crown…

The death of Juan the Ripper leaves a power vacuum in New Mexico’s shifter community that plunges the Land of Enchantment into chaos. The bounty hunters of PCT struggle to keep a lid on the violence as two powerful players emerge—and both want la Cazadora’s endorsement for the throne.

Revolution is coming…

Something in Dakota is changing. Strange dreams and unexplained abilities are a boon to her chosen profession, but is she willing to pay the price? Everyone seems to want a piece of the bounty hunter, from Santa Fe’s vampire elite to the millennia-old demon Sri Devendra. When she finds herself in the clutches of the head bloodsucker himself, Diego sharpens his sword and prepares to move heaven and earth—or at least topple a municipal government—to save her.

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The Angel’s Wrath (#3)

1AngelsWrathCover_GoldTitle_25percentRevolution is only the beginning…

After the success of the Outliers’ Revolution, things are far from settled for Don Diego and the vampire coven of Santa Fe. Trouble lurks around every corner this holiday season: an impending duel with a deadly mercenary from Spain with whom Diego shares a violent past, and vampires from Washington D.C. who want control of the entire country. An outsider attacking citizens of The City Different threatens to break the truce with the Preternatural Control Team before it’s barely begun. An inhuman art thief is pinching important paintings, including a priceless Cézanne from Diego’s own wall. But worst of all in the new alcalde’s estimation, Dakota’s globe-trotting ex has returned from the jungles of Guatemala, and Diego knows Henrik Heyerdahl’s renewed interest in his consort is anything but platonic. The archeologist is hiding something, and it’s possible he has brought his own supernatural troubles back from the Mayan ruins of the Petén.

When Don Edgar makes an attempt on Dakota del Toro’s life, the bounty hunter shoots her way out, but finds herself suspended from PCT. The future of her career rests in her superior’s hands, and John Steele seems all too eager to extort her into signing up for Knighthood. Determined not to be a pawn in a Super-Secret Monster-Hunting Society’s game, Dakota digs in her heels, though new powers and the continuation of dreams that feel more and more like memories pull her toward something that feels alarmingly like destiny. Diego knows more than he will say, and Dakota recklessly gambles on the millennia-old demon Sri Devendra for answers. Whether he will help her, or he has his own agenda, is anyone’s guess…

Coming October 15th, 2021!!

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