Oct 29 2019


Want access to ARC signups, exclusive giveaways, and more? CLICK HERE to join my new Facebook author group, JdB’s VIPs!

July 1 2019-

Did you know I design my own book covers? You can vote for my book cover in’s Cover of the Month Contest! I appreciate your support!😁😁


June 20 2019-


The Fiercest Star (Dakota del Toro #2) is now available for pre-order! Reserve your kindle copy on Amazon now for just $2.99! (Price will go up after release July 23 2019)

June 18 2019 – I’m starting a mailing list! Drop me a line to sign up in the contact section here. I’ll send you updates about new releases.

June 14 2019-

CompaΓ±era for Kindle is only 99 cents on Amazon for a limited time. Start a new series today!

June 12 2019-

Dakota del Toro #2 is in the works. Look for The Fiercest Star sometime in July!

Feb 1 2019-


Want a chance to win a free Kindle copy of CompaΓ±era, the very first installment in the Dakota del Toro series? Enter the Goodreads Giveaway here! Giveaway ends February 13th, just in time for Valentine’s day…


Jan 9 2019 – ROUND 2!! We made it to round 2 in’s Cover of the Month contest! Thank you!! We have to be in the top 50 to go to round 3. Vote again here:

Jan 1 2019 – Happy New Year everyone!! In celebration of Cazadora finally in PAPERBACK [whoooo!] the new cover is entered in’s Cover Of The Month contest! If you like the new cover can I get a vote?

October 1 2018 – Cazadora has a new cover! On sale for $1.99 on Amazon the first week of October.

September 2 2018- Honored to do a Q & A with Sandra at the blog Livin’ La Vida Latina! Check it out.


July 24 2018 – CompaΓ±era is available now on Amazon!

June 27 2018 – CompaΓ±era, (Dakota del Toro #0) , is now available for pre-order on Amazon for $2.99! (Regular list price will be $3.99)

April 20 2018 – Dakota del Toro #0 is in the works…

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